GADFIN - Connecting the World !

Envisioning a clean, connected world where even the most deserted spot is easily accessible

Disruptive drone technology that elevates the logistics supply chain


Unparalleled VTOL performance for a variety of payloads. Long distances can be covered at high speed even under dire weather conditions.


A fraction of helicopter cost.

Speed of Delivery

No traffic, no human error – just a straight line between your supplies and their destination.

While bringing down the carbon footprint with hydrogen-powered (zero-emission), quiet drones. Gadfin's long-range urgent delivery and preventative maintenance drones are already beginning to create a future of drone logistics.

Our Vision

Imagine medical facilities in every corner of the globe, connected, with medical supplies always there when you need them: Environment-friendly, quiet drones reach remote locations as they do city centers, bridging between islands, crossing countries, and mountains, re-defining the old ways of logistics, saving lives, on a daily basis.

Imagine railways in the sky delivering thousands of goods from peer to peer, day and night, rain or shine, safely, quietly and reliably as never seen before.

We are here, now, equipped with disruptive technology that is developed in-house by our unmanned systems experts and can make it happen!

We warmly invite you to join us so that together we can create this exciting and thrilling future that is just over the horizon.

Our Products

The Next Generation of High-Value Package Delivery

Gadfin provides a game-changing solution for all-weather unmanned aerial delivery and scanning services. Its drone service delivers low-to-medium payloads at short-to-long ranges based on proprietary eVTOL technology and a folding wing mechanism. The drones meet a growing need for urgent delivery for B2B products, especially in the medical supply segment.



Extended Range High Capacity Deliveries

Spirit-One HD

Spirit-One HD

Long Range Deliveries

Spirit V

Spirit V

Long Range Large Packages

0 km+


0 kg+


0 +

Years Of Combined Experience

Meet Our Team

Eyal Regev

CEO & Chairman

Ben Raviv


Prof. Robert Roach

Head of Aeronautics

Itzik Sagiv

The VP R&D

Izhar Jona

Head of Flight Operations

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