The Next Generation of Urgent Deliveries and Aerial Scanning

Gadfin's platform, engineered from the ground up by Israel’s top aerospace industry experts, enjoys a sustainable advantage based on solid IP in aerodynamics solutions for drag decrease, patented folding wings mechanism, an integrated hydrogen fuel cell system, enabling unmatched flight range, and advanced safety systems.

The patented folding wings generate multiple advantages, such as withstanding strong side winds while vertically taking off and landing (VTOL), requiring a small landing pad footprint, and while the wings are spread, the drone achieves unparalleled energy efficiency, extended flight time, and range.

Operated by unmanned autonomous robotic centers and tracked through cellular and satellite communication, our drones comply with international standards, including an emergency parachute and advanced anti-collision technology, enabling BVLOS flight in urban areas.


Long Range Deliveries

A proprietary dual-configuration airframe, designed and produced by Gadfin, with capabilities for alternating between a multirotor configuration for electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) and a fixed-wing configuration designed for long-range flights.

The IP45 waterproof aircraft is entirely electric, using a combination of LiPo batteries to power a set of 4 precision brushless motors for VTOL and Fuel-Cell technology powering the 5th pusher motor used for fast forward flight.

The Spirit-One can deliver payloads up to 10kg (11 lbs.) in 30 liters (1.2 ft3) compartment for a ground-breaking range of 250 km (155 miles) at a speed of 100km/h (62 mph).

The fully automated loading and unloading package compartment is safely housed within the vehicle's hull and designed to deliver life-saving sensitive medical supplies in a temperature-controlled environment.

The Spirit-One platform can also accommodate various sensors for long-range scanning operations of linear infrastructure such as roads, power lines, oil and gas pipelines, and more.

The Spirit-One has fully redundant safety systems, including an emergency parachute.



The Spirit One Heavy Duty version uses the same Spirit-One platform while boosting its performance, increasing its payload capacity to 15kg and flight range to 400km.


Extended Range High Capacity Deliveries

The Gadfin Spirit-X is a ramped-up version of the Spirit-One and is currently under development.

The Spirit-X resembles the Spirit-One but altered for a 280 km (174 milesflight range, carrying up to 150 kg (330 lbs.) payload in a 1,470 liters / 52 ft3 (2.1 x 1.0 x 0.7 m3 / 6' 10.7" x 3' 3.4" x 2' 3.5") compartment, all while maintaining eVTOL capabilities and zero emissions.



Extended Range Large Packages Deliveries

The Gadfin Spirit-V is a scaled up version of the Spirit-One and is currently under development.

The Spirit-V is bigger than the Spirit-One with a 280 km (174 miles) flight range, carrying up to 60 kg (132 lbs.) payload in a 625 liters / 22 ft3 (1.3 x 0.8 x 0.0.6 m3 / 4' 3" x 2' 7.5" x 1' 11.6") compartment, all while maintaining eVTOL capabilities and zero emissions.


Automated Ground Station

A fully automated Ground Station for the hybrid Hydrogen-Electric Spirit-One platform. It allows our UAV's complete unmanned operation by addressing package handling and power system management.

The Ground Station provides:

  • Accurate take-off and landing require only a small footprint on any hospital's rooftop or ship’s deck.
  • Monitor & Control packages delivery priority
  • Central command interaction via cellular communication.
  • An onboard weather station.
  • A robotic system loads and unloads delivery packages on the aircraft, increasing safety and productivity.
  • A handover window for safe interaction with the customer.
  • Automatic battery replacement.
  • Robotic hydrogen tank refueling
Spirit-One250 km100 km/h5 kg1.2ft^3
25 kg
Spirit-One-HD400 km100 km/h15 kg1.2ft^350 kg
Spirit X500 km150 km/h150 kg35ft^3250 kg
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