About Us

Gadfin develops fast, hydrogen-powered drones with a quiet signature for long-range urgent deliveries and preventative maintenance missions. Our patented technologies redefine delivery capabilities in terms of flight radius, safety, reliability and automation. Among Gadfin's drones is Spirit-One, a long-range delivery drone for 3-6 kg (6-13 lb) payloads that, for the first time, enables effective delivery of medical and other time-critical supplies at low cost.

As a result of extensive research, attention to customers' needs, and our original motivation – a clean, connected future –  Gadfin's drones have been designed with the highest safety standards in mind and an emphasis on reliability. Gadfin's novel folding wing technology can withstand wind and dire weather and its mechanisms for reducing rotor drag enable a smooth flight.

Gadfin's team consists of a combination of unmanned technology specialists, traditional aviation engineers, and designers – all working with the aim of creating drones with enhanced aviation capabilities at low cost. We invite you to take part in a future that can transform industries and provide people with the supplies they need, wherever they are.


Imagine medical facilities in every corner of the globe connected, all the time, with medical supply always there when you need it; at remote locations exactly like in city centers, bridging between islands, crossing countries, and mountains, re-defining the old ways of logistics, saving lives, on a daily basis.

Imagine railways in the sky delivering daily, thousands of goods from peer to peer, day and night, rain or shine, safely, quietly and reliably like never seen before.

We are here, now, equipped with the best technology, which is developed in-house by our unmanned systems experts, creating solid IP, and determined to really make it happen!

We warmly invite you to join us, now, so that together we can create this exciting and thrilling future that is already here.

Meet Our Team

Eyal Regev

Eyal Regev – Founder, Chairman CEO & CTO of Gadfin for the last three years. Beforehand, Mr. Regev has been serving in executive positions in the field of aviation, especially in various development-related positions, for the past 25 years. and in various positions in the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the last one was the manager of the hovering air-vehicles department. In his 15 years in IAI, After managing the development of the biggest UAV system of IAI, he initiated, developed and managed the VTOL UAV development program, developed the concept of delivery drones and Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV Strategies. Prior to founding Gadfin, he served as the VP R&D of ParaZero Drone Safety Systems. Mr. Regev holds an MBA from Heriot-Watt University and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Ben-Gurion University. Mr. Regev is also an active GA pilot for the last 30 years.

Ben Raviv

Ben Raviv is an industrial designer with a primary focus on composite ballistic armor systems. Ben has a BFA Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and worked in the US armor industry manufacturing armor systems for law enforcement and military applications. Ben lived in Angola where he managed Oil & Gas and marine infrastructure projects. He is also involved in seed and VC investments in tech Start-Ups in Israel and Africa.

Prof. Robert Roach

Robert L Roach, PhD (Aerospace Engineering, Ga Tech, 1976). Spent 25 years in US academia as a research engineer and assistant professor. Consulted with NASA, US Air Force, Lockheed, and several other US aerospace companies. Produced numerous refereed publications and conference proceedings in Computational Fluid Dynamics and propulsion. Spent 20 years in Israeli high tech and has numerous patents. Currently is the Chief Aerodynamicist at Gadfin Aero-Logistics Systems.

Dr. Ilan Zohar

Ph.D in Flight control, Developed numerous flight control for unmanned systems including multi-rotors and VTOLs.

Eli Israeli

CTO, Executive Manager with extensive experience in direct and matrix management of large multi-national, multi-disciplinary engineering teams, implementing company-wide development processes for large-scale aerospace projects. Eli served 24 years in IAF, specializing in UAS. Served as director of program management at the Ministry of Defense/DDR&D, for MALE UAS, and for civil aircraft protection systems. Served in executive positions at IAI as SVP of Program Management and Customer Success, as chairman of the consortium of AI Academy, and as director of Product Management for ground-based & missiles defense systems. Eli holds an MSc from the Technion in System Engineering & Program Management, a BSc in electrical engineering from Tel -Aviv University, and a Bachelor of Education (BEd) from Tel -Aviv University.

Tzachi Cohen

Tzachi, leading Gadfin's business development and global sales activities, is passionate about building and implementing business strategies for new products and new markets. With more than 20 years of experience driving business growth in the technology industry, from the stage of creative brainstorming to final execution, he successfully liaised with international strategic partners and led complex B2B, B2B2C, and B2G sales, in APAC, Africa and EMEA. Tzachi has an MBA, specializing in Finance, from The Arison School of Business at the Reichman University.

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