Folding Wings

This technology allows the UAVs to be versatile and adapt their flight mode, allowing both Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), as well as traditional and efficient horizontal flight.

With wings in folded position and smaller footprint, only a small landing area is required, maneuverability is enhanced, and side winds are overcome. This allows our UAVs to operate in urban settings as well as in other challenging operations, environments such as landing on marine vessels, ocean rigs, and buildings.

When the Spirit-One reaches altitude and is ready for horizontal flight, its wings open, and it flies long distances with very high energy efficiency.

Aerodynamic Optimization

Our secret sauce is our obsession with aerodynamic optimization. Our world-class aerospace engineers, custom software, wind tunnel testing, patents and scrupulous surface analytics allow us to reach unparalleled aerodynamic performance.

Integration of Hydrogen Power

The fully electric platform uses both high density LiPo batteries as well as energy-rich hydrogen fuel cells. This highly efficient combination, together with our proprietary power distribution module, allows us to fly further for longer intervals.

Weather Resistant IP65

The IP45 rating means our UAVs are water and dust resistant.

A combination of mechanical engineering and material technologies enable our UAVs to operate in all normal conditions, including dust, rain, and wind.

Automated Ground Station – AGS

A fully automated Ground Station for the hybrid Hydrogen-Electric Spirit-One platform. It allows our UAV's complete unmanned operation by addressing package handling and power system management.

The Ground Station provides:

  • Accurate take-off and landing require only a small footprint on any hospital's rooftop or ship’s deck.
  • Monitor & Control packages delivery priority
  • Central command interaction via cellular communication.
  • An onboard weather station.
  • A robotic system loads and unloads delivery packages on the aircraft, increasing safety and productivity.
  • A handover window for safe interaction with the customer.
  • Automatic battery replacement.
  • Robotic hydrogen tank refueling
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